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Graduation Checklist

Undergraduate Graduation Checklist

After you have enrolled in your last semester of classes, apply for graduation in myUMBC.

  1. I have contacted my advisor(s) and know that my major/minor/ certificate program(s) will be complete by the end of the Graduating Semester.
  2. I have reviewed my Degree Audit online and will have all general graduation requirements met by the end of Graduating Semester
  3. I will have at least 120 total credits, not counting PE credits, by the end of Graduating Semester.
  4. I will have at least 45 upper-level credits by the end of Graduating Semester.
  5. I have a grade point average that is over 2.00.
  6. I have reviewed my major/minor/ certificates on myUMBC, and verified that they are accurately listed. If you have changed your major, ensure that your records are updated.
  7. I have reviewed my permanent address in the system and verified it is accurately listed. Verifying/updating your permanent address can be done by logging into your myUMBC account and updating your address information under Personal Info – Student Contact Info (