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Applying to Graduate


Undergraduate students within two semesters (90 or more credits) of completing their degree requirements are eligible to apply for graduation. Applying can be done easily through myUMBC’s Application Page.  A review, by both the academic department and the Registrar’s Office, is conducted for each candidate’s status towards completion of the degree requirements. All majors, minors, and certificates are reviewed, as well as the general education requirements. Candidates are notified by mail of their status mid-semester.

Undergraduates must apply for graduation through myUMBC by the following dates:

  • For May Graduation – February 15
  • For August Graduation – June 15
  • For December Graduation – September 15

Graduate students should follow the graduation application process as outlined by The Graduate School at UMBC.

Commencement Ceremonies

UMBC conducts both undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies during the months of May and December.  August graduates are invited to attend the December ceremony.  For detailed information, please visit  Commencement Ceremonies.

Undergraduate Graduation Checklist

  1. I have contacted my advisor(s) and know that my major/minor/ certificate program(s) will be complete by the end of the Graduating Semester.
  2. I have reviewed my Degree Audit online and will have all general graduation requirements met by the end of Graduating Semester
  3. I will have at least 120 total credits, not counting PE credits, by the end of Graduating Semester.
  4. I will have at least 45 upper-level credits by the end of Graduating Semester.
  5. I have a grade point average that is over 2.00.
  6. I have reviewed my major/minor/ certificates on myUMBC, and verified that they are accurately listed. If you have changed your major, ensure that your records are updated.
  7. I have reviewed my permanent address in the system and verified it is accurately listed. Verifying/updating your permanent address can be done by logging into your myUMBC account and updating your address information under Personal Info – Student Contact Info (

Dual Degree

A student electing to concurrently complete programs resulting in different bachelor’s degrees must complete all program requirements, all general education requirements applicable to all degrees, and a minimum of 30 credits above the 120 credit minimum for each additional degree totaling to a minimum of 150 credits.