How to Register

Student Registration Quick Reference Guides

Eligibility to Register

Registration Appointment Slot

During advanced registration, students are permitted to register for courses based upon a Registration Appointment Slot. Appointment times are based on earned credit hours only, not including course work in which the student is currently enrolled.

Advising Clearance

All degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to consult an academic advisor prior to their initial registration in any regular semester. Undergraduate freshmen are required to consult their advisor before making any schedule change in their first semester at UMBC. At the conclusion of the student’s advising session, the advisor will issue the advising authorization electronically.

Financial Holds

Students who have outstanding financial obligations to UMBC will be prevented from registration transactions until the account is fulfilled. If your enrollment is blocked, and your past due student financial account balance is less than $250, please contact Student Business Services to discuss your individual situation.  More information about payment of tuition, fees and other charges are available at Student Business Services.

Obtaining Registration Permissions

Course Permissions

Students must obtain permission prior to enrolling in a course denoted by the “Department Consent Required” flag in the Schedule of Classes. Students should contact the department of the course or follow the instructions given on the course listing in the schedule.

Permission to Enroll for Courses with a Time Conflict

In instances where there is less than a 10 minute overlap between the meeting times of two classes, students may request permission to enroll if one of the course instructors agrees that appropriate arrangements can be made. Students must complete a Time Conflict Exceptions form, obtain the signature of the instructor granting the special arrangement, and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.

Permission to Enroll for Excess Credits

Students may enroll in up to 19.5 credits in the fall or spring semesters, up to 16 credits during the summer sessions, and up to 4.5 credits in the winter sessions. Students seeking to exceed these credit maximums must complete an Enroll in Excess Credits form and seek approval through their academic advisor and the Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Other Enrollment Exceptions

Course Exceptions such as Closed Course Permission, Prerequisite Overrides, and/or Waitlist Adjustment must be approved by the class instructor.

Note that in all cases, registration clearances or course permissions do not constitute enrolling in courses. Unless otherwise noted, students must enroll in courses via myUMBC according to established deadlines for the term.