Degree Requirements

The degree audit is an advisement tool that helps students choose appropriate coursework and determine their progress towards graduation. Students should work closely with their advisor and review their degree audit regularly to determine appropriate enrollment. Within the degree audit, students will see how their applicable UMBC coursework, transfer coursework and test credits are being used towards UMBC requirements.

The degree audit displays program information specific to each student. The degree audit has various sections that breakdown graduation requirements, general education requirements,
and program requirements. Each section needs to be satisfied in order to qualify for graduation. Starting from when the student declares their chosen major(s), minor(s), or certificate(s) of study, the degree audit displays the requirements for each within the report.

The degree audit is a living document that changes upon enrollment, course drop or withdraw, and/or unsuccessful completion of a course. The degree audit assumes successful completion of courses until told otherwise; successful completion is defined as a grade of C or higher.

The degree audit is only available for students who started their UMBC career between 2004 and the present. If a student started with UMBC prior to 2004 they will only see University requirements and will need to work even more closely with their advisor to ensure successful degree completion.

Viewing Degree Audit

University Graduation Requirements

The University requires students to satisfy requirements as determined by the state in order to receive a degree. Courses used within the university requirements may be used towards general education requirements and/or academic department requirements for a student’s chosen major(s), minor(s), or certificate(s) if applicable.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete various general education requirements in order to successfully complete their degree. The timeframe that the student started their higher education career will determine which general education package they must follow.

General Education Program (Summer 2007 – Present)

Students must complete courses in the following areas:

  • Arts and Humanities (AH)
  • Social Science (SS)
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Science (S)
  • Science with Lab (SL)
  • Culture (C)
  • Language
General Foundation Requirement (Prior 2007)

In the Undergraduate Catalog students will find course codes that indicate whether a course will fulfill a general education requirement.

Academic Department Requirements

Each Academic Department determines the curriculum students must follow in order to receive a degree from the University. The degree audit knows which program(s) a student is following and indicates which courses are required. If a student wishes to change the program(s) they are pursuing, they must complete a change of major form in order for that change to be reflected in their degree audit.

Students should work with their advisor to successfully complete all requirements as well as be aware of any changes to curriculum that may affect them. Students who receive substitutions to their curriculum should have their advisor submit a Help Ticket notifying the Registrar’s Office of the approved change so that it can be reflected in the student’s degree audit.