Records Update/Request Forms

Please see the links below for Records forms:

Purpose: To declare, change, or update the major(s), minor(s) and certificate(s) you are completing at UMBC. This form updates the information on your transcript and your degree audit, and allows you to be assigned to appropriate academic advising resources.

Procedure: Complete the form carefully, making sure to select the appropriate major/minor/certificate codes. If one or more of your programs requires departmental approval (these programs are listed on the form), obtain the appropriate signatures before submitting. Submit your completed form HERE.

Processing Time: 5 Business Days

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List of Undergraduate Majors & Programs

Purpose: To request a letter from the University verifying enrollment for the current or upcoming term in which a student is enrolled or to request a letter from the University verifying a degree.  Before requesting a degree verification, please review your unofficial transcript to ensure your degree has been posted on your transcript.

Procedure: To request a letter verifying enrollment or degree, please visit this page for further instructions.

  • Enrollment Verification: $5 charged to  your student account.
  • Degree Verification: $15 payable through the University Documents Ordering Portal.

Processing Time: 3-5 Business Days


Purpose: To update personal information including name changes and SSN information. (Note: While SSN information is not required in academic records, it is necessary for financial aid eligibility or if you wish to be provided with your student 1098-T form for tax purposes.)

Procedure: Complete the form online. Once complete, it will be routed to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Processing Time: 5 Business Days

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Requirement Term Update

Purpose: To Change Undergraduate Curriculum Requirements from a previous catalog edition.

Procedure: Meet with your advisor to discuss the form and impact of changing curriculum requirements. Student and advisor/departmental staff member must sign the form.

Processing Time: 2 Business Days.

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Purpose: Students who are in their final semester of study at UMBC and who have applied for graduation may request an Undergraduate Candidacy Letter from the Registrar’s Office for purposes of applying for jobs, graduate school, visas, etc. The candidacy letter provides information regarding the completion of undergraduate degree requirements prior to the official conferring of a degree to a student’s academic record. Click here for additional information

Students needing confirmation their degree has been awarded must request the Degree Verification Letter.

Procedure: Complete the form. Email the request to

Processing Time: Candidacy letters will be provided by the Registrar’s Office after initial graduation reviews are complete. Letters take three business days.

Graduate Students should contact the Graduate School for information about a candidacy letter.

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Purpose: To request an undergraduate duplicate diploma received for completion a degree at UMBC. Click here for additional information

Fees: $50 per diploma domestic only. For students who want their duplicate diploma sent to an international mailing address, please contact

Procedure: To order a duplicate copy of an undergraduate degree, please visit this page for further instructions.

Processing Time: Undergraduate diplomas are ordered at the end of each month, and take four to six weeks to print and mail to students once they are ordered. International orders may take longer.

Graduate Students should contact the Graduate School for information about ordering a duplicate graduate diploma.

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