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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credit Policies

“In Maryland, a student may be able to progress from one segment of the public higher education system to another without loss of time or duplication of courses. To help accomplish this, Maryland’s public colleges and universities follow certain statewide policies.” For detailed information please review the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Transfer Policies and Student Guide to Transfer among Maryland Colleges and Universities.

Specific to UMBC, the Policy on the Awarding of Undergraduate Transfer Credit articulates the standards for the assessment and awarding of undergraduate transfer credit including academic credit for coursework earned at other institutions, competency-based education, and military training, experience, education and coursework.

For information regarding the transfer of graduate credits refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Transfer Transcripts

Current Undergraduate Students
The Registrar’s Office will accept transcripts for current UMBC students.
Sealed, official transcripts from students can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Registrar’s office in Sherman Hall.

PDF transcripts can be emailed to

Please note that Electronic transcripts are processed by Admissions and then routed to Registrar’s Office.

Undergraduate Applicants/Newly Admitted Students
All applicants, newly admitted students (prior to attending orientation), potential readmit/reinstated students must submit the transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.
Graduate Students
All Graduate School applicants, admits, and currents students must submit the transcript to the Graduate School.

Transfer Credit Report

The Transfer Credit Report provides students with a comprehensive view of their transfer coursework, and how the coursework has been articulated to UMBC. Each student’s report is broken down into two sections:

  • Course Credits – Courses taken from another academic institution; each academic institution is listed separately
  • Test Credits – Credit received from AP, IB, or CLEP exams

Students can see how their transfer credit has been applied to their major, minor, certificate, general education, and graduation requirements via the Degree Audit advising tool, also located on myUMBC under “Advising & Student Support”.

Status on the Report

Next to each course on your transfer Credit Report, you will see one of three possible statuses:

  • Posted – The course has been articulated and applied to your academic record, and is reflected on your transcript.
  • Non Trans- The course is not transferrable to UMBC.
  • INFO NEEDED – In order for the course to be properly articulated, more information is needed such as the course syllabus or catalog description. Students must submit the needed information, along with a completed Course Description Review form to the Registrar’s Office.

Current Students Transferring Coursework to UMBC

Verification of Transferability

UMBC students who are considering taking courses elsewhere will need to complete a Verification of Transferability form prior to their enrollment in the course, and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office. A transfer evaluator will review the proposed off-campus course, and will indicate how the course will transfer to UMBC once the course is completed. If students plan on taking coursework off-campus for their academic major, they will need their advisor’s signature, as well. Students should allow one to two weeks from date of submission for processing. Forms will be returned to students once completed.

Once students have finished their coursework at another institution, they will need to submit official copies of their transcripts to the Office for Undergraduate Admissions.

Students seeking direct equivalencies for courses other than Maryland Community College coursework should submit course descriptions with their Verification of Transferability form, and allow an additional four to six weeks for review.

Maryland Community Colleges and ARTSYS

Students taking coursework at Maryland Community Colleges can do a preliminary review of how courses will transfer to UMBC ARTSYS. The online Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities.

However, the Verification of Transferability form should still be submitted as ARTSYS is designed to only assist new transfer students to UMBC, not current UMBC students. ARTSYS cannot guarantee that current students will not have other issues such as being over the transfer credit maximum or whether a course will indeed satisfy a general education requirement.

Current and re-admitted students will not receive general education credit for Maryland Community College courses equated to UMBC courses that are not designated as satisfying the general education requirement. Please consult the University catalog for further information.

Course Articulation Database – Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Course Articulation Database

The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) is an interactive tool that will allow you to compare course descriptions and view classes that have been previously evaluated by our academic departments. Courses not found in TES may still be acceptable for transfer; however, those courses will be assessed upon submission of a Course Description Review Request. Additional schools and courses will be added to the UMBC Transfer Evaluation System as they become available. Students must be admitted to UMBC before submitting a request.

Study Abroad

Students who are considering studying abroad should not complete the Verification of Transferability form. Instead, Study Abroad students will be provided with the appropriate transfer review forms when they obtain a pre-departure packet from the Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of International Education Services.