Graduation Letters

Undergraduate Candidacy Letter

Students who are in their final semester of study at UMBC and who have applied for graduation may request an Undergraduate Candidacy Letter from the Registrar’s Office for purposes of applying for jobs, graduate school, visas, etc.

The candidacy letter provides information regarding the completion of undergraduate degree requirements prior to the official conferring of a degree to a student’s academic record.

Candidacy letters will be provided by the Registrar’s Office after initial graduation reviews are complete. Please allow up to three business days processing time for requests. Requests cannot be faxed.

To request an Undergraduate Graduation Candidacy Letter, please fill out and submit the request form to for processing.

Degree Verification Letter

Students may order a letter verifying their UMBC degree. Before requesting a degree verification, students should review their unofficial transcript to ensure their degree has been conferred and is posted on the  unofficial transcript.

To order a Degree Verification Letter, please follow this link.

Invitation Letters

Undergraduate students who would like to invite their family and/or friends to visit in the US for vacation, for commencement, or any other reason, will likely need a B-2 visitor visa.

To secure an invitation letter for family and friends visiting for commencement or other reasons can visit International Student and Scholar Services for instructions on how to draft their own invitation letter.