Guest Student Checklist

Guest Student’s at UMBC should follow this checklist:

  1. Submit your Certificate of Eligibility to our office
  2. Obtain a Parent Letter from your current school’s School Certifying Official. The parent letter must be:

The parent letter must contain the following information:

  • Official letter head;
  • Student name;
  • Student ID from Parent School;
  • Exact courses being taken at UMBC;
  • Statement from School Certifying Official that the credits being taken at UMBC will apply to the guest student’s degree.
  1. Register for your classes
  2. As soon as you register for courses, be sure to complete your Request for Certification. It can be found at or linked HERE
  3. Once the parent letter is received by UMBC’s School Certifying Official and the student has registered for courses and requested certification, we will certify the guest student’s enrollment to the VA.


UMBC Student’s requesting to be a guest student at another school should follow this checklist:

  1.  Complete a verification of transferability with the Registrar’s office.  The form can be found HERE.
  2.  Submit a copy of your approved VoT to the UMBC School Certifying Official and requesting a Parent Letter be sent to the school at which you will be taking courses.
  3. Once we review your VoT, we will create a Parent Letter and send it to you and/or the SCO at the Guest school.