Newly Admitted Students

UMBC evaluates residency at every instance of admission and readmission application. This includes undergraduate and graduate admissions, as well as readmissions and reinstatements. UMBC undergraduates who apply to the UMBC Graduate School will have their residency re-evaluated as part of the graduate admission process. It is the student’s responsibility to know their residency classification.

Undergraduate students are informed of their residency classification at time of admission, in their decision letter.

Some newly admitted and readmitted students may be temporarily classified as out-of-state (in accordance with the Policy) due to missing information in their Admissions Application. These students should complete this form as soon as possible, prior to enrollment. Students with questions about this form can follow up with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

“Readmitted student” refers to any student who applied for readmission or reinstatement after leaving UMBC for more than two consecutive semesters.

If classified as out-of-state at time of admission, students must complete a Residency Petition to request a reclassification of residency status.

Once admitted to UMBC, graduate students are emailed a residency form that must be completed within the first semester of attendance. Failure to complete the form will result in an out-of-state residency classification. A Residency Petition is required for any reclassification after the first semester.

If a first semester student cannot find the admissions form in their email, they should reach out to the Graduate School.

Certain graduate students may temporarily be classified as in-state for tuition purposes as a benefit of their graduate assistantship. Should the graduate assistantship end, the residency classification may revert to out-of-state.