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Fall 2022 Spring 2024
Fall 2023 Spring 2023


Common Final Exams

Common final exams are typically held by large lecture classes so that they are able to have all students enrolled in the course, regardless of meeting times for specific sections, complete the final exam at the same time.  Your instructor should inform you if your class has a common final exam, and if so, where and when it will be held.  Common final exam times are also listed below for your convenience.



Fall 2022 Spring 2022
Fall 2023 Spring 2024

Final Exam Conflicts and Fall 2022/Spring 23 Extenuating Circumstances

Policy on Daily Student Exam Load Faculty Senate policy states that students should not be required to take more than two final exams in one calendar day, and where conflicts arise, faculty should work with students to make necessary arrangements to avoid the conflict. It is recommended that alternate arrangements be made for the student’s second scheduled examination of the day. UMBC’s practice is to refrain from scheduling final exams on Saturday or Sunday, except in the event of a weather-related or other closing of the campus during the regular final exam period, in which case some exams may need to be rescheduled to a weekend day as part of a contingency plan.

In cases where alternate arrangements need to be made for individual students due to time zone differences or other extenuating circumstances, the exam should be completed by the student within 48 hours of the originally scheduled time, and should occur within the final exam period.

Students with disabilities may also experience additional and/or different challenges in this new learning environment. Approved academic (including testing) accommodations must continue to be met during this time of remote instruction. Please refer students who raise access or testing concerns due to the impact of their disability in online instruction to the Office of Student Disability Services for support.