Withholding the Release of Directory Information

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, UMBC’s policy regarding the Disclosure of Student Records defines directory information and the potential for release without prior consent, and indicates the procedure for withholding that release.

Before making the decision to withhold the release of directory information, students should be aware of the ramifications.  For example, withholding this release means that the student’s name will not be printed in the graduation program.  Withholding this release means that the University will not include your enrollment that is reported to the service that provides verification for student loans and insurance companies (students would need to personally request verification each semester).

Students who have carefully considered these ramifications and wish to proceed must complete a Withholding the Release of Directory Information Form and use the request help function (Records) to file with the UMBC Registrar’s Office within the first three weeks of the academic year.