Spring Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Spring 2024 Term Dates and Deadlines

Date Event Details
10/02/2023 Registration Clearance Is Available Advisors are able to begin granting advising clearance to their advisees
10/23/2023 Schedule Of Classes Is Published The schedule of classes is available to view online
10/31/2023 Advance Degree Seeking Registration Begins Undergraduate degree seeking students may register based on their registration appointment time
11/20/2023 General Degree Seeking Registration Begins Registration is open to all continuing degree and non-degree seeking undergraduate students
12/01/2023 Graduation Application Opens Undergraduate students may begin applying for graduation for the Spring term
01/23/2024 New Non-degree Seeking Registration Begins Registration is open to new undergraduate non-degree seeking students
01/29/2024 First Day Of Classes

Late Registration Begins

First day of classes for the term

Late Registration begins (late fee applies)

02/02/2024 Waitlist Deadline Last day to add yourself to a waitlist for a course
02/05/2024 Waitlists Deactivated Waitlists are deactivated and purged
02/09/2024 Schedule Adjustment Deadline Last day to make changes to your schedule

Last day to change grade method

Last day to drop a course without a W grade

02/15/2024 Graduation Application Deadline Last day for students to apply for graduation for the Spring term.
03/01/2024 Internship/Independent Study/Research Deadline Last day for undergraduates to add internships, independent studies, or research experiences for credit via help ticket to the Registrar’s Office
03/16/2024 – 03/24/2024 Spring Break No Classes
04/05/2024 Deadline To Withdraw From Individual Courses Last day to withdraw from individual courses. You will receive a grade of W.

Last day to change to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade method.

05/14/2024 Last Day Of Classes

Deadline For Complete Term Withdrawals

Last day to withdraw from the semester. All courses will be dropped with grades of W.

Complete term withdrawals must be submitted via help ticket to the Registrar’s Office

05/15/2024 Study Day No classes

The study day is reserved exclusively for students to prepare for final exams.

05/16/2024 – 05/22/2024 Final Exams Final exam schedules
05/23/2024 Undergraduate Commencement Commencement information